Youth Group

“It has given me a chance to improve my leadership skills, meet a variety of wonderful people, and attend activities or events that I wouldn’t normally come across.  I really appreciate all that it has given me, and I hope to contribute to the community of Leaside United in the future and the present.”



Leaside United Church Youth Group: L.U.C.Y

Leaside United Church Youth welcomes all youth grades six and up

LUCY began in 2009 with a handful of junior high students who are now off at University and continues to grow each year. Please feel welcome to join us for fun and friendship.  LUCY strongly adheres to the following principles:

  • To give youth a voice through hands on experiences, art, sports, games, drama, discussions and community involvement

  • To be OPEN to ALL youth, regardless of their race, religious backgrounds, beliefs or sexual orientation

  • Attendance on Sunday mornings or membership to Leaside United Church is not required

  • No religious instruction is given; however, we celebrate and support each other’s spirit by respecting and supporting our individual journeys.

  • Our mantra: “Kind words and kind deed’s”rainbowtriangle


When:  Sunday (alternating afternoons & evenings)

Where:  Leaside United Church Fellowship Room

Time:  Click here to check meeting times on our Calendar

What do we do?

  • First we check in and chat about anything interesting in the news or our lives.
  • Occasionally we have guests that come to share about their interesting jobs or hobbies.
  • Always we play games, eat snacks, and have a chance to just hang out.

Check the Parent’s Page for the current schedule!


“It is a warm, inclusive place in my community where I always feel welcome.”



Special Events:

  • Annual Fall retreat at Camp Big Canoe (September) A chance to re-connect after the summer break, develop leadership skills, make new friends and most importantly we build community!
  • Inter youth events such as Enviromental focused sleep overs, community clean ups, skating parties, pride events
  • Annual outreach project for Evergreen Yonge Street Mission. We sponsor a young family for Christmas.  Involves fundraising, shopping, wrapping, and delivering.
  • Christmas party and gift exchange


“It feels like a castle!”



Come see for yourselves what we’re all about?   You’re welcome to drop in occasionally, come every Sunday or just join us a couple of times a year…whatever suits you.  

Questions: Email Tanya @



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