Church Council
Our church council meets on the second Wednesday of January, March, May, September and November and additionally if special meetings are required. The Council consists of all members of standing committees, all visiting elders, and ex-officio staff members.

Worship & Nurturing Spirituality Committee
The Worship and Nurturing Spirituality Committee provides oversight for worship services and the appropriate use of worship space and deals with matters such as worship services, administration of sacraments, policies for baptism, weddings and funerals, choir and music, dramas, pageants and concerts, and Christian education and Christian development for children, youth and adults.

Abundant Hospitality Committee
The Abundant Hospitality Committee co-ordinates matters relating to congregational life at Leaside United Church including; welcoming, ushering, planning social, family, and congregational events, and creating connections and programs that welcome and engage individuals who wish to be part of the Leaside United Church community.

Pastoral Care Committee
This committee meets regularly with the Minister of Pastoral Care, and the other ministers to review the pastoral care needs of the congregation and to coordinate visits and other related activities. Our lay visitors connect with those in need through visiting, telephone, e-mail and cards. The committee holds occasional special events centered around caring and learning to care for others and ourselves. Every December the committee hosts a Christmas Tea for seniors and shut-ins. Please see our resource guide for seniors and the partners in care ‘At a Glance’ Resource Guide for Seniors.

Finance & Property Committee
The Finance and Property Committee monitors the financial affairs of the congregation and deals with matters such as budget preparation and financial statements, maintenance of Church property and rentals and space utilization.

Future Plans Committee

The committee meets monthly and have held one townhall information session with the congregation in the first half of the year.

Please click here for a copy of the Townhall Presentation dated January 20, 2013.

Please click here for a copy of the Summary of Questions Received from Townhall Presentation.

Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee strives to reach out to those in need in a number of ways. Members are encouraged to support the Mission and Service, World Development and Relief and White Gift funds. Disbursements from the Meta Hunter Trust fund are allocated to various organizations helping individuals that need support. Sharing information through a variety of media and promoting activities (eg. community, social justice etc) and inter-church issues are also important emphases. The Honduras Committee is a sub-committee.

Stewardship Action Committee
The Stewardship Action Committee conducts, as needed, stewardship campaigns which strive to obtain sufficient resources from givings of time, talent or givings to meet the needs and advance the Mission of Leaside United Church, co-ordinates and participates in events in further support of the stewardship actions of Leaside United Church, and undertakes initiatives to thank the members of the congregation for their financial and volunteer contributions.

Administration Committee
The Administration Committee is responsible for recruiting and co-ordinating a small team of volunteers to help out in the church office when needed; reviewing information system requirements (hardware and software); help to maintain church archives and historical records

Ministry and Personnel Committee
The Ministry and Personnel Committee supports staff in being successful and, in a confidential manner and in accordance with United Church of Canada policy, deals with personnel matters including a regular review of personnel practices, working conditions, remuneration and position descriptions, and conducts annual staff evaluations and goal-setting.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees duties are to hold the real and personal property of the Congregation, Church, Manse etc; to obey the lawful orders and directions of the Congregation and of its Council, and of the Presbytery and Conference; to ensure that the Church carries adequate property and liability insurance at all times; and to be responsible for the investment of surplus funds, through the Finance and Property investment sub-committees.

Presbytery Representatives
Provide representation for Leaside United at Toronto Southeast Presbytery, and act as two-way communication agents bringing information from Presbytery to Council and, where appropriate, providing information to Presbytery.