Funerals and Memorials


The church is called to be present for people at all stages of their lives – from celebrations of births, and the joys and challenges of marriage, from Sunday School games to adult study groups, from the waters of baptism to the earth to which our bodies return, we affirm that God’s unconditional love welcomes, surrounds, embraces each of us.

Funerals are an important part of the church’s ministry, as we remember that death is a part of life, and that our faith teaches that love’s presence is not confined by definitions, but calls us to greater caring for others, particularly in times of grief and need. Our faith affirms that life is stronger than death, love stronger than hate, hope stronger than fear, and we are not alone, even in the face of death.

Death is a difficult time, often filled with complicated emotions: joy and fond memories, grief and loss, anger whether at the death or at the person who has died, guilt and things done or undone, words said or unsaid, and sometimes relief. These emotions are all significant, all reasonable, all part of the swirling feelings that make us complicated, wonderful, deep human beings. Whatever you are feeling, and whomever you are, we welcome you in your time of bereavement. Whether confused or certain, organized or scattered, we can work with you to plan a funeral or memorial to honour the person who died and those still with us.

Funerals and memorials might be large or small, may include music and images, may surround a body and move to the graveside or focus on memories. There is no right way to do a funeral, and we will not tell you what has to happen. Instead, we will share stories and plan together what will work best for those involved.



(September 2016)