Rental FAQ’s

What spaces does Leaside United rent?
We have a several different rental spaces, ranging from our 2,600 sq ft gym down to our 450 sq ft Fellowship Room. Our main church area (the sanctuary) is also available. See the linked grid for more info: LUC RENTAL RATE GRID.

How does your pricing work?
Our rental room grid LUC RENTAL RATE GRID includes list prices, based on ad hoc hourly rentals. As noted, these rates are subject to discussion with the External Facilities Coordinator; actual rates charged may consider number of hours/dates committed to up front, load on church resources, mission fit, etc. ALL EXTERNAL RENTALS REQUIRE EVENT INSURANCE – see FAQ below. There may be an additional charge for equipment and or support, subject to the discretion of the Coordinator; sometimes these may be bundled into the rate, depending on all factors at play.

Do you welcome Film Crews?
Yes we do! … We haven’t been used as a shooting location for a a couple of years, but regularly host crews for meals and/or extras holding/costume/makeup several times a year. That said we have a wonderful ’50s era gym with a gallery overlooking it (sock hops? school sports? high school ceremonies?) and a 1940’s sanctuary with lots of carved wood and stained glass – we are always happy to give location scouts a tour. The exterior shows nice traditional stone in a Gothic style. Film use availability and pricing is variable depending on the requirements, and the degree of potential disruption to (and approval by) affected tenants.

What if I want to book the Church for a wedding or a funeral?
These inquiries would go through the office directly; they are covered by a specific policy here: WEDDING POLICY. The External Facilities Coordinator will generally not be involved in setting these up.

Do you offer children’s birthday parties?
We do rent rooms and equipment for parties subject to availability, but do not provide any hosting support. The Toronto Circus Centre pre-rents the gym for many Saturday afternoons in order to host children’s parties, and if you check with us on the gym and it’s not available on your preferred date, it’s still possible that they would have an opening for that date at our location, if their offering meets your interest and budget.

What’s room availability like in general?
The gym is already pre-scheduled for use all weekday evenings, all Saturdays, and some Sundays, plus weekday mornings and several afternoons – at this point we’d declare it “No Capacity”. There’s better availability for evenings in other rooms. Saturday during the day is tight, with the Fellowship and Hearth fully booked and the Auditorium sometimes unavailable. What we could likely accommodate would be some daytime usage of our Hearth, Fellowship, and Auditorium rooms (meetings? exercise? classes?). And our Sanctuary lies idle much of the week – great for performance, music, or even regular meeting/courses (lots of seating!).

Does Leaside United Church provide insurance for my event? Must I purchase separate insurance?
You are responsible for your own insurance, with very specific requirements as to extending coverage to LUC; see this document: INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. Your own home or business insurer may extend a certificate meeting these needs. Leaside United Church is listed as a venue on, which provides a simple online interface. The Church’s own insurer (Hub International) also offers event insurance and can be found on the web, though their process is somewhat cumbersome and some types of policy (e.g. sports) require a phone call. Leaside United Church does not sell insurance, nor do we provide quotes from providers.

What if I want the a room for a Leaside United internal congregation/committee event/meeting/program (other than Sunday service)?
Assuming they are sanctioned by a Minister, Council or Committee, events, meetings, and programs being organized on the Church’s behalf can be booked directly at no charge through the office, subject to room availability. Also Church events fall under our general LUC insurance policy, so separate third-party coverage is NOT REQUIRED in these cases.

I am an LUC congregation Member, contributing regular offerings to LUC, and want to host an event there. Can I use the Church facilities free? Or forego an agreement and make a freewill/suggested donation instead?
No, since your Church givings are tax deductible, there cannot be any related tangible benefit like free use of rooms for personal purposes. A rental agreement and event insurance will be required, unless your event is “sponsored” by a Minister, Committee, or Council, and open to any interested congregation members (see FAQ above on internal events). You may contact the Church Office for more information on this.

What are your Church Office hours and contact information related to potential rentals?
Contact our church Administrator Alison Jane at (416) 425-1253 or by email at from Monday to Wednesday and Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, Thursdays 9:00am to 1:00pm.

What are the External Facilities Coordinator’s hours and contact information related to potential rentals?
The External Facilities Coordinator is not a staff member, but a Volunteer, and may not see/respond to inquiries on a real-time basis – he/she has no official office hours at the Church. This volunteer also does not have direct access to the proprietary LUC calendaring system, so availability will need to be double checked with the office before proceeding with an agreement. We endeavor to handle inquiries as quickly as possible. The current Coordinator’s e-mail is, and this is the preferred method of contact.

What information will the External Facilities Coordinator require if I wish to rent at LUC?
Click on one of the attached links (Recurring Program, Single Event) for a related questionnaire, which will help discussions around availability and pricing with the External Facilities Coordinator.