Coffee Hour Instructions

Sunday Morning Coffee Ministry Hosts – using the Bunn Coffee Maker

Note:  The Church is a nut-free facility

  • Please purchase and bring with you 2 litres of homo milk (take left-over home)
  • All other supplies are in the lower cupboard to the left of the trays. Juice is in the refrigerator
  • Arrive by 9:55 to allow time for set- up and preparation
  • As soon as you arrive, plug the Bunn coffee maker into the outlet on the stove and turn on the top switch (light will come on). Allow 15 minutes for the system to warm up. (After that you can make one pot of coffee every 5 minutes)
  • Set-up large table in the centre of the room for tea, coffee, cookies, etc. Table cloths for both tables are in the drawer in the kitchen.
  • Set-up small table near the kitchen for juice and cookies
  • On the centre table set out approximately 65 mugs (blue mugs with signs for visitors), 2 sugar bowls, a tray of spoons, serviettes and 2 plates of cookies.
  • At each end of the table, place a tray on which you place one of the white boxes and on top of that a black self-serve coffee thermos.
  • On the small table set out plastic glasses, 1 plate of cookies and juice in either the punch bowl or pitchers. Also set out a pitcher of water.
  • Empty one pouch of coffee into a filter, put it in the holder and slide into place in the coffee maker.
  • Place an empty glass pot on the burner under the coffee spout before pouring one glass pot of cold water into the screened opening top right of the Bunn machine. Repeat after first pot is made (5 minutes)
  • Unscrew the lids of the black thermos dispensers and pour in coffee as the glass pots are ready. Each dispenser holds one and a half pots of coffee.
  • Fill both thermos dispensers (i.e. 3 pots coffee total) before the service (it will stay hot for 4 hours)
  • Fill kettles with cold water, heat on stove at level 4. The kettles on the stove should come to a boil during the service.
  • Leave the service during the final hymn
  • Make the tea – at least 2 teapots. Use 3 teabags per pot
  • Prepare a tray of coffee and cookies for the collection counters – approximately 6 cups, milk and sugar.
  • On the centre table, place the small pitchers of milk and tea in smaller stainless steel carafes.
  • Continue making coffee in the Bunn coffee maker and filling up the black thermoses after they have been half used
  • For the first 10 minutes, make sure there is a server at each end of the table and someone in the kitchen.
  • At the conclusion, all dishes are to be washed, dried and put away in the appropriate cupboard.
  • Rinse the black thermos dispensers with boiling water and releasing it through the self-serve tap. DO NOT IMMERSE these dispensers in water. The lids and little trays (with the white spot) may be removed and washed separately.
  • Left-over milk and juice are to be taken home.
  • Table cloths and tea towels should be taken home and washed and returned in time for next Sunday