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2016 05-20

Thoughts from an Awesome Volunteer


I would like to begin by saying that I am not an acting member of the United Church even though I was confirmed as such many years ago. I am however an active volunteer at the Leaside Awesome Sale for quite a few years through a great friend of mine, Tanyss. It is through her enthusiasm that I became involved. After each sale I come home exhausted but wonderfully content! I pour myself a glass of wine (or two), put my feet up (yes, I am a senior citizen!), and reflect.

If you have never experienced a church sale, it is something to put on your bucket list. From start to finish, there is a buzz you don’t quite experience anywhere else! The work that goes on behind the scene before each sale, (and they happen twice a year), is unbelievable! And usually it is a devoted few parishioners to be counted on. I see the same faces behind the counters year after year. The donations of clothing, china, crystal, jewelry, books, housewares, lamps, furniture, bedding, odds & ends is unbelievable! Last but certainly not least, is the tables of baked goods where you will find me. I understand three or four specific people are responsible for the array of, you name it, everything from butter tarts to date squares to scones to cookies to loaves. Yummy!

I look around at the faces of the patrons, some look eager, ‘what could I find’ type of look, some young, some old, and that little person in front of me who so wants a piece of fudge for 25 cents ‘if only my mum will give me the money’ !! The person fumbling for the right change in her purse and I say quietly (because I don’t want to get heck) ‘just give me whatever you’ve got’ !! Away they go with their treasures …. as do I. Yes, I too, buy at the Awesome Sale. Why would you not?

Thank you to Julie, an “Awesome Volunteer” for her expressive contribution describing perfectly how many of us feel when volunteering at the Awesome Sale and why we keep doing it!

2016 05-17

Donations + Volunteers + Shoppers =


The May 13 and 14th Awesome Sale was a record success!

Many departments achieved their highest totals ever!!

These sales would not be possible without the steadfast belief, commitment and hard work of many people.

We are grateful for the donors, the sales persons and clean-up crew.

Thank you to all who continue to make Leaside’s Awesome Sales truly “Miracles on Millwood”!


Book Circle


The Leaside United Church Book Circle will take place on Sunday
morning, May 29 in the Hearth Room starting at 9:15 am. The book for discussion is
“I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai. All are welcome.