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Spirit Alive


We are gathering on Saturday, October 1st in Classroom #2 (bottom of the stairs and to the left) at 10:00 am.

David Phillips will lead a discussion, with the assistance of Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach” and John Pentland’s “Fishing Tips”, about some matters of the spirit and some future planning for Spirit Alive.

All are welcome back and newcomers too. Coffee and a sweet will be served.


2016 09-20

Emily’s Weekday Wonderings – September 20, 2016


What is the intelligence, the wisdom we seek from creation? We heard a few possibilities on Sunday, and one of them was about where our priorities should be. Together we named the priorities we heard in a scripture passage (Ezekiel 34:11-31) that draws on a familiar (for scripture) image of sheep. Priorities the congregation named included food, water, caring, safety, shelter, love, leadership. For the most part, my list was similar: food, water, shelter, protection, justice. How do these lists compare to your priorities? What else has made it onto your list – and is it getting in the way of what is most important?

One last priority: community.  The scriptures imagine a shepherd gathering the “scattered sheep.” Why are the sheep scattered? Is it because some of the sheep disagrees about how to worship, or how to live faithfully? Is it because the sheep had to move for work, or preferred the view somewhere else, or just loved skiing? Is it because really, some of the sheep are pretty annoying, and it seemed easier for the other sheep to just keep to themselves? Regardless of why the sheep are scattered, we are presented with an image that reminds us how important community is, how important it is to gather together and eat and talk and rest and learn together.

Have Your Say!


The worship committee has created a short survey about worship, with some (not all) questions focused on summer worship this year and in the future. This will help us plan the year ahead. Please participate by following the link:

Worship Survey

2016 09-16

Junior Choir


Rehearsals will begin at the church on Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. in the Music Room (lower level).  All children age 7 and up are encouraged to join in the singing.  Come and learn about our musical faith journey.  Contact Sharon Beckstead for more details.


LUCY Youth Retreat at Big Canoe





Friday September 23 – Sunday September 25, 2016

Get ready for an amazing weekend packed with, friendship, adventure, laughter, leadership, trust building games and most importantly … FUN!!!

We have a brand new program packed with what you love, being outdoors and playing games.

Register today for a weekend that will set you up for a fantastic year!

Registrations forms are available in the office, or download them below, or email Tanya for a digital package.

Return by Monday September 19th, 2016 to ensure a spot!


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Emily’s Weekday Wonderings – September 13th, 2016

greenbluegeometricOn Sunday, we had our welcome back celebration and corn roast, which was wonderful (and perfect weather too!) We also marked the beginning of Creation Time. Creation Time is a recent addition to the church year – a chance to focus on the beauty of creation (the world around us) as well as our responsibility to care for creation. The question we are thinking about for this year’s Creation Time is “What is Creation Saying to Us?” This week, we heard “Enjoy my songs!”

Enjoy my songs? Why start with music? What about all the things we need to do to care for creation – recycling, taking action against climate change, opposing dragnet fishing that destroy underwater ecosystems, and so much more? Enjoy my songs?

Of course, it was lots of fun to sing extra hymns, to celebrate the beauty of the earth, and to sing about the music that animals make – from “the old cow just goes ‘Moo’” (in “All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir”) to “the bumblebees hum along” (in “It’s a Song of Praise to the Maker”) to “the trees of the fields will clap their hands” (in “You Shall Go Out with Joy”).

Perhaps more importantly, however, by starting with the music of creation, we claim that beauty and thanksgiving should be our starting point. What happens when our responsibility to the earth emerges not from guilt or anger or fear, but beauty and thanksgiving? What actions does it suddenly make sense to take, when we are acting out of love? Of course, the question of what our starting point is does not only apply to creation, but to every aspect of our lives and the choices we make (although, if you think about it, everything we encounter is a part of creation).

Join us next Sunday as we hear our next answer to the question “What is Creation Saying to Us?” in worship at 10:30, and at our Blessing of the Animals service at 12:30 on the lawn.

Do you have a reflection that emerges from Emily’s Weekday Wonderings? Feel free to call (416) 425-1253 ext 25, text (647) 303-6709, or email Emily with further thoughts or reflections, or share your insights on Facebook!

2016 09-12

Volunteer Gardening

Over the summer an eager group of volunteer gardeners descended upon the grounds of Leaside United Church to pick weeds, edge the gardens, lay down mulch and trim the hedges. Marnie Walker is the gentle gardening leader of this group and she has successfully lead her team through a variety of Barberry, Hostas, Rose of Sharon, Japanese Maples, Sedum and a variety of other greenery. The volunteer gardens will be meeting again on Tuesday Sept. 13 from 9-11 and again on Sept. 27th if you would like to help out! Gloves and good laughs provided!

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