Outreach – The Awesome Sale

The Awesome Sale Leaside United Church 822 Millwood Toronto
Thousands of items are donated every year!

Leaside United Church holds the Awesome Sale Event semi-annually – May and October. 

This is one of the biggest community events we have.  George Hurst and Bob Lister lead a team of over 80 people.  These events make huge contributions to LUC’s operating budget each year and support a significant portion of the Outreach program (75% of the net proceeds from 13 departments go to local operations and 25% to outreach projects).

Just as importantly, these events allow us to reach out to our local and regional communities to provide a valuable service of recycling and reusing previously owned goods of all kinds.  The event also provides for significant fellowship to the volunteers and the customers that come to visit.  There is always a wonderful snack bar full of homemade goodies, with coffee and tea. Many volunteers are required to make this happen each year.  We would ask that donations be brought to the church early, NOT the week before the sale. 

We are unable to accept donations for the sale during the summer between July 1st and August 31st … Please feel free to make donations at the church after September 1st. Thank You!

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about making donations and arranging pick ups please contact by email or phone: George 416 421 6491 or Bob 416 757 1491.