Building Security Policy

The church office door (Millwood) will be open during office hours from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, (summer hours to be determined) and Sunday mornings while a Church Officer is present. Access to the building for weddings and funerals will be the responsibility of the Church Officer. All access to the church at any time will be through the office door. Anyone using any other door is responsible for supervising access and making sure that door is locked when not in use. A door may not be propped open unless someone remains at that door to supervise access, and secures it afterwards.

Renters will be notified of this policy in writing and will be encouraged to set up their own system to arrange for latecomers and for drop off and pick up of children. After hours, access for church members for meetings, choir rehearsals and any other event will also be through the office door. Each group will be responsible for locking the door after members have arrived. Each group will set up a system to be used to accommodate latecomers.*Please remember that no one can be locked inside the church. When in doubt …LOCK THE DOOR.