Rev. Emily’s Weekday Wonderings

Thought for the day:

Recently, I unexpectedly followed a lead to an article in the Lifestyle section of Fashion magazine – The New New Age: “Spiritual But Not Religious” by Katherine Gougeon. What caught my attention, and I wanted to share, was a quotation from Lillian Daniel, a minister in our sister denomination in the USA, the United Church of Christ: “Religious tradition should be like sandpaper against a culture that is constantly asking ‘How can we meet your needs?’ It should require something of you. Any idiot can find God in a sunset. Finding God in the woman sitting next to you whose baby cries during the entire sermon takes grit.”

Have you thought of religion this way before? I think our faith should both be something that feeds and nurtures us, and something that challenges us and makes demands. Where do you find God in the midst of the requirements of community?

Blessings, Rev. Emily Gordon

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