Spirit Alive – December 9, 2017

All welcome to gather for meditation, questioning and learning at Spirit Alive

on Saturday, December 9th, 2017

gathering at 10:00am to noon

at Leaside United Church.

Refreshments at the beginning will provide a sharing time.

David Phillips is providing the leadership and his topic

will be “Places that Lift the Spirit”. Each participant who attends 

the session is asked to describe two “places” that they experience as 

spirit-lifting. This place can exist in the real world – e.g. somewhere in 

the city or a cottage or a place they have visited while travelling – or it 

might be a fictional place they have come to know through a book, or movie 

or musical performance. Each participant is requested to illustrate their 

selection of a spirit-lifting place with one or more of a picture, an 

artifact, music, or a story. We are interested in sharing experiences about 

what sorts of places have the effect of lifting our spirits, and inquiring 

into why they have this effect.

On a regular basis Spirit Alive meets to explore matters of spirituality, meditate, and reflect together. Save the second Saturday morning of the month to meet at 10:00 to noon. Spirit Alive begins with coffee, snacks and fellowship followed by a period of led meditation, music, quiet time and reflection to deepen the sense of the spiritual at the center of one’s life. For more information contact Bea Lawford.