Good Morning Sunday April 15th 8:30am – Special Notice

Special Notice:


Good Morning!

Worship Service will be held this morning at 10:30am at Leaside United Church.

However, we encourage people to stay home and stay safe in this weather. Please use your best judgement in deciding whether to come to church or not.

If you can come safely we will be glad to see you, if you are more comfortable staying at home in this icy weather that is good too.

Take care,
Rev. Emily Gordon

Year-End Givings 2017

Year-End Givings Reminder: We would ask that you take this opportunity to bring your givings up to date during the month of December, the end of our financial year. Your contribution must be received in the church office on or before Sunday, December 31st, 2017 in order to receive credit on your 2017 charitable tax receipt.  Thank you so much for your continued support of Leaside United Church.

Leaside United Church Census

A dedicated group of people are working hard to gather important information about our community and our congregation as we think about our future. Part of this work is a church census that will ask questions about you, your engagement with the church, and your spiritual life. We’d like to have everyone complete the census – all those who attend Leaside regularly or irregularly, as well as those who do not attend worship but have another connection to and an interest in the church. The more input we have on our congregation, our interests, and our hopes for the future, the better our mission and ministry will be.

Please click the hand to access, fill out and submit the

Leaside United Church Census online:


Thank you very much for your time!

If you have any trouble with the image link above please copy and paste this URL address directly into your browser:

If you would like to print out the census and fill it out by hand, you may download it from the link here, it should be printed on legal 8 1/2″ x 14″ size paper and return to the Church Office after you’ve completed it.


Are You Interested In …?


On Sunday at the Activity Fair, we had a table for people to sign up for ideas they might be interested in for next year. The idea is that we will definitely not do all of the ideas – just the ones that have the most interest. We’ve collected all these ideas and put them up on the wall outside our church offices.  Take some time when you are in the church next, to review the ideas and sign up for any that intrigue you!

Blessings, Emily Gordon & Tanya Wiles-Bell



Activity Fair 2017

2016 Annual General Meeting



 to join us at the


of Leaside United Church

When: Sunday March 5th, 2017

Time: 11:45 am following the Sunday Worship Service

Where: LUC Sanctuary

Please bring your own sandwich or lunch. Coffee, tea and juice will be provided.

We look forward to your participation and attendance.