Buddies in Bad Times – My Funny Valentine


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is presenting a play called “My Funny Valentine” January 10th to 21st. Buddies in Bad Times is an alternative theatre that gives voice and space to the LGBTQ+ community so that their stories can be told and heard.
“My Funny Valentine is based on the true 2008 story of a fifteen-year-old boy who asked another boy in his class to be his valentine. The next day, that boy shot and killed him during first period. My Funny Valentine enters the minds of people on the fringes of a murder that will forever affect them and examines the ripple effect of hatred in a community. Haunting, moving, and at times strangely comedic, My Funny Valentine cracks open the greater humanity of a town trying to heal.” #lgbtqa #affirming #toronto

The link to the site is: http://buddiesinbadtimes.com/show/my-funny-valentine/