Who runs out of Maple Syrup at a Pancake Supper? – We do!

Images by: Alison Jane


Dedicated volunteers cooked up a feast of near 800 pancakes, 420 sausages, 340 slices of pea meal bacon! Over a hundred people lined up for a delicious breakfast for dinner to celebrate #PancakeTuesday #ShroveTuesday signified by the “filling up” before the start of #Lent.

YES, we ran out of Maple Syrup half way through the dinner and one of our dedicated volunteers ran out to the store to buy 3 more litres just in time before the pancake eaters figured out we’d run out!  We went through a total of 7 litres of Maple Syrup after all!

No event is complete without “guessing jars”.  One of the lucky winners walked away with a jar full of #Jujubes with an outstanding guess of 168!  There were 165, which he kindly shared with all the guests!

Our City Councillor Jon Burnside dropped by for a nice visit and brought along his friend and colleague our City of Toronto Mayor John Tory!

Support for our Outreach Missions continues in abundance and we thank everyone who came out to support El Hogar! Our El Hogar Service Team are an outstanding bunch of people!

Please enjoy these pictures taken of the event by our Webmaster Michele Petick: