Stewardship Campaign 2013

Our Pledge of Time, Talent and Treasures

Greetings to you and yours!
It’s time for members and friends of Leaside United Church to think about stewardship again.  I know this is not everyone’s favourite topic, nor is it mine.  But that’s primarily because we think only of money when we hear the word stewardship.  “Steward” comes from an old English word:  “sty-warden”.  A sty-warden was the keeper of the farm, the one who looked after the animals for the “owner” of the land.  This image really helps us understand an important stewardship concept:  we don’t actually own anything at all, because essentially, we are stewards of everything, keepers of the farm (so to speak) on behalf of the owner.  In this case, the owner is God.
How do you take care of the things God has given you in your life?  Your family?  Your circle of friends?  Your talents?  Your treasure?  Looked at this way, you can readily see that stewardship involves the whole essence of your life, indeed, you are the steward of your very soul!
 At Leaside United, we are stewards of a wonderful congregation of interesting and diverse people, of all ages and stages.  It’s exciting to be part of such a vibrant group of people.  We are also stewards of an aging facility, which is much too large for our needs.  As many of you know, this issue continues to trouble us and we are working on a number of hopeful solutions .  Most important though, we are stewards of the future of the church in this part of the city.  There is no good reason at all why this church cannot continue to be a strong and vibrant community, long into the future.
But it does depend on each of us.
The stewardship committee has included lots of material in this mailing (or email) for you to look at and think about.  We are asking people for a 10% increase in givings this year, because the truth is we are not able to continue to meet our operational costs without it.  Of course this is your decision, but we do ask that you give it some consideration and some energy. If you want to commit to a PAR (monthly pre-authorized giving), that would help us out even more.  It costs a lot to operate a church, and our expenses continue through the ups and downs of the seasons.
I have very much enjoyed being your minister this last year.  And I have enjoyed working with such a great team of staff members!  I hope that we can all look ahead to the next year with the same kind of enthusiasm and interest.  Just think what we can achieve if we have common goals and common purpose.
Many blessings of shalom to you, and thank you for considering your pledge to our ministry here!
Rev John G Smith 


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Systematic Stewardship
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Stewardship Campaign 2013   
Please read all the way to the end of this e-mail.

We donate generously to Leaside United Church and 
we pledge our annual donation at the beginning of the year 
to help the Church plan and budget for our ministries.
Investing in Leaside United
A conventional budget tells a numerical story of how financial resources are collected and used. A narrative budget uses descriptions and graphs to indicate how we are fulfilling our mission. Following is an overview of how your donations to Leaside United affect the lives of others through our ministries.
Where is our Revenue coming from?
Of our total revenue budget for 2012, almost 60% is expected to come from our Offerings. This includes cash placed on the offering plates, monthly pre-authorized giving, special purpose donations and annual donations.
2012 Revenue Budget   
In 2012, a total of 260 families will give over $230,000; 
an average of $885 per family:
2012 Offerings by Families  
However, in order for our  Offerings to cover our Operating Expenses, we actually need each of our 260 Leaside United families to donate, on average, $1,650 each year. $131.50 per month in Offerings on average from each family would cover operating expenses. $131.50/month = $32/week = $4.50/day for each family.
In 2013, we want to reverse the trend of our annual offerings and 
increase our givings over 2012:
Trend of Actual Offerings and Expenses
Our Offerings make it possible to continue to provide the quality worship, music, Christian Development and programming for our Leaside United members 
and our broader community. 
If our Offerings increased to cover most of these costs, the proceeds of our special fund-raising activities such as the Awesome Sale, Give ‘n Go, etc. could be allocated to Outreach and to the much-needed capital expenditures on our Church building.
This can be accomplished if 
we each increase our annual offerings and, of course, if we 
increase the number of families participating in Leaside United Church.
Where are our 2012 Revenues going?
The following chart illustrates how we allocate our financial resources:
2012 Expense budget
 For the full narrative budget, click here: LUC – 2012 Narrative Budget 
My Stewardship 

Some of us give out of gratitude, others give out of obligation; some see a need and want to be part of the solution.  


In any case, give with thankfulness for what God and this congregation have done in your life.