Outreach Update – January 2018


Some Important Updates from the Outreach Team:


The 2018 dates are set: Spring Friday, May 11 (from 3pm to 7pm) and Saturday, May 12 (from 9am to noon) and Fall Friday, Oct 12 (from 3pm to 7pm) and Saturday, Oct 13 (from 10am to noon).  Inventory Volunteers have started sorting the donations beginning last week.  Please drop off your donations to the stage in the auditorium. IMPORTANT NOTE: We will no longer be offering furniture for sale at the Awesome Sale effective immediately there will be NO furniture pick-ups, sales or deliveries.


A. Our first refugee family who arrived one year ago this month are doing well and enjoyed celebrating their first year in Canada at a dinner in their honour.  The children and mom are in school full time.  On Saturdays they enjoy Conversational English at their apartment in Thorncliffe with some LUCCRRC folk and anyone else who likes to chat and enjoy tea.  The father has registered at an employment / job / placement agency and is intending to upgrade his education via OSAP and apply for a MEd at the University of Toronto.

B. Our second family who arrived this summer had an unfortunate accident when the mother fell and broke her wrist on some ice.  The sons and oldest daughter are all working at a local Superstore and receiving regular tutoring in English.  The youngest of the family is in high school and doing well.

C. We are currently working on a third family to sponsor under the “named” sponsorship program for a refugee family who are from Afghanistan and currently in India.  All the necessary paperwork has been filed with the government.

Blessings to all!
Bob and Lis Lister

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